Monday, 26 July 2010


(Photo 1, 2 and 3 is the view from the terrace, 4 is the the view from my window)

I came home yesterday evening with a two days drive on the back. This drive included a lot of kicking from my five-year-old sister, a lot films and sugar and less running and something called real food. So, this morning I made porridge, and enjoyed it like I - sometime before all the driving - would have enjoyed ice cream.

When all this is said, I really loved to be in Provence. We lived in this extremely old house with a view to the Luberon mountains and a mountaintop-village called Saignon. The old lady, Madame G, who owns the house, has three lavender fields just around the house, and we got permission to swim in her 3 meter-deep pool build with crumbling stone walls around it. I had my own room with plane white walls, one window, two closets (!!), a dressing-table, a desk and a big bed with two bed tables. I really felt at home there, and liked the dark furniture with the walls.

We visited the bigger town called Aix-en-Provence (Aix is pronounced: "x") and the nearby town called Apt. There's a lot of bakers (Boulangeries, Pâtisseries) in France, I found out, with around 6 in Apt. Compared to here (Køge, DK, red.) where there's only three bakers to 45.000 people.
The French also got many kiosk with all sorts of magazines. I got two: Vogue Paris and Vogue British.

If I had to decide what has been the best part of the trip, it certainly won't be all the driving. But standing on the barren top of Mont Ventoux was worth it. The view from Rocher de Bellevue in Saignon was also great, and it was lots of fun to get there.
It had such a great time, and I'm certainly going back there! I'm thinking of maybe studying in France after high school or something..

Salut! xx Amanda

PS: I got a lot a photos from the trip, which I will upload in series.

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