Wednesday, 29 December 2010


So, I finally got plans for new years fixed. Not that easy, really. Christmas has been very homey, cosy and sober. Though it's not the same as being a child, Christmas eve was kind of magical in it's own silent way, with the snow and relations, witch value I had almost forgotten.
Sometimes I wish I could go back and experience things as they were for 10 years ago - when it comes down to it, Peter Pan and Pippi Lonstocking was right all the time. 'Cause all I do know is trying to retrieve and even create the magic from the world of my six-year-old self.

This year is, in my head, cut in two halves. The one half I remember is from summer to now. Autumn and winter has been amazing, and I can't really understand how fast the months just ran by. It has all been so fast-going that I haven't had the time to be confused, even when I was.

Over here you see Champagnepigen (The Champagne Girl) by the artist Wilhelm Freddie. She's hanging on my wall in all her perfection, but I will never see her face. She's gone into magic, her eyes lost in the sharp light of the stars. I will dream with her.

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  1. Funny story - the Champagnepigen - she is my Aunty.... shot in the 70's, and the coat was my mothers at the Danish Royal Art Academy...... he was my mothers professor and my Aunty a nude model at the time!
    Nice to see somebody knows this picture!


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