Monday, 30 August 2010


I just have a couple of minutes Black Velvet-thinking before maths. Can you get this in Denmark? If so, all my reservations about Chanel's nail enamel will fall. Please, I want nails in velvet! xx A.

Sunday, 29 August 2010


These boots are my new obsession. I wish, I wish I could!

From Marc by Marc Jacobs on


Today is a very common Danish Sunday with lots of rain and a teasing sun. It's also a Sunday with a big flea market in town and for my part - homework.

I just got this simple black blazer on the flea market. It's from Sand and got beautiful champagne coloured lining. The material is really great - cold and water-like in a way. I like the length.

I just took a look on my globe, and almost got a chock when I saw how long there's from here to where some of my friends now live. Frederikke (aka Marie) now lives in Norfolk, Virginia, USA and Cecilie in Perth, Australia. This Friday I spoke with an exchange student from Brazil, who's also called Amanda! That's kind of crazy.

Now there's also thunder here. Cosy. xx Amanda.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Carin Wester make such great clothes. These images are from her website ( and I really like the atmosphere on them. Especially the one with the guy.
The AW collection of hers is a little sweeter than the SS. But I like the way she compares bohemian with graphic inputs.

High school is fantastic. My class is great, and I like the atmosphere at school. I especially like having Latin, maths and art.
xx Amanda.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


I'm totally breath taken by this fur from Balmain (on I have never had a fur because I think you should have a certain age (and a certain amount of money) to wear it. The same thing with genuine pearls. But if I should pick a fur it would be something crazy like this. Not very lasting, but absolutely a lot of fun! xx

Song of the moment: MGMT - "Electric Feel"

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Last weird summer photos from France and Denmark.
Now I'm looking forward to the green and golden shades of autumn. Darkness is great. xx A.

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Picture from in fantastic colours. Red and green. Classic coincidence.

I don't really know life in high school, although I started last Wednesday. It was three crazy days with my class and the rest of the frogs (on my school new student are called frogs. They even make us do a frog-dance!). There's around 360 frogs this year.
Yesterday was a part of my getting-to-know-everybody-plan. I think it went fine!

Everything is so great. Now I'm longing to get a everyday-routine again. I'm even looking forward to all the homework and hard work. 'Cause it will be fun and interesting and so much more, and I now know, that I won't be disappointed.
xx Amanda

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


For this jumper from Comme des Garcons! So, so, so nice!! Found on


Everybody know what they go into if they type into the server. It's sex, violence and extremely funny observations.
That's why I can't understand why there's some people who continues to report the blog to blogspot. Don't bother me with your prudishness! xx A.

Monday, 2 August 2010


I've just got home after watching a film with some friends. Edward Scissorhands. If you have seen it, you will know that the film itself isn't really that scary. It's the thoughts you get afterwords that get in that category. The thing about a charming boy who, in reality, is very dangerous. That thing about dark things that draw. And the one with being different and not fit in.
When I drove home in a empty city, with lights that flash for nobody, Edward seemed more real. 'Cause even if Tim Burton means everything as a joke, there's so much reality in the story.

I'm having quite a lot nightmares at the moment- I don't know why it's necessary to dream about dead people and darkness all the time. I'm even taking myself in looking over my shoulder, half expecting to look into red eyes, every time I get home in the night. As if someone would sit on a swing in my garden. This surprises me, because I'm usually not scared of things I should be scared of. Like walking alone in empty, dark streets. Darkness feels soothing.

Every time I wake up with a jerk (yes, just like on film), I almost laugh of myself. But when I close my eyes to go back to sleep, there's just fear waiting.
x A.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


The coolest boots from Guiseppe Zanotti. Amazing leather. They are so cowboy/gold-digger. Found on via the blog


(1; Temperley, 2; Acne, 3; Bruno Manetti - all on

It's only the 1st of August, and I'm feeling bad for wanting it to be autumn. But now all the new AW clothes is coming up, and I just want a big sweater, a cup of tea and yellow/red/golden leaves blowing around outside the window. That and long walks in a golden forest in a turtle-neck.
But for now, I have to enjoy the summer! xx Amanda