Wednesday, 30 December 2009

What's In Your Clutch, Girl?

Men, boys, guys. Fathers, friends, boyfriends - even somebody I crush into in the street, are manking fun of my bags, cluthes, purses, ect. You know how they say: "Women has their whole life in a bag". I'm getting sick and tired of it - it's so unfair! They can mess up their apartment, car, BAG, and it's soooo okay - because it's a man/guy.

I simply will not put up with this, and that's why I'm going to show you how important my clutch (it would be way to boring if I took a larger bag..) is to me.

You already know my Tiger..

But what's IN it??
From left to right: 1.USB-key, 2. My keys in my Marc-key-chain, 3. Tickets, 4. Creditcards, 5. Nail file, 6. My highly beloved iPod, 7. Digital camera from Casio, 7 1/2. Stella McCartney . StellaNude, 8. Earings from Zarah Voigt, 9. Coins, 10. Book: Aldous Huxley - "Brave new world" (Danish version), 11. Bandages, 12. Pen, 13. Eyeliner from Chanel, 14. Mascara from MAC, 15. Lipstick from YSL (Spicy Pink), 16. Box for pills (got horses on it), 17. Rosebud lipbalm, 18. Pocket-knife, 19. Mobile: Sony Ericsson "Jalou" (black).

I have everything I need in this little bag. I love music (iPod), I love reading (book), I love to take photos (cam, dummy!) - and of course I need my lipstick! Wanna be a lady? - pack your bag right!

Song of the day: Santogold - "I'm a Lady"

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