Sunday, 13 June 2010


Last night was great. Nice with some variation from the exams.
I don't even think I said goodbye to anyone, but who cares about manners in the dark?
I had to go to work very early, and was of course late. When I was getting dressed, I hit my cheekbone on my chest of drawers, so now I got a black eye! Jesus, I look really retarded.

C, who is my soon-travelling friend, is going to Australia in three weeks. She's going to live in Perth (just by the ocean), and go to a uniformed girls school. She will be missed.

I gave her a little present which consisted of an A.O t-shirt and a Korres lipbalm. I bought an A.O myself last week, and it's really just good - soft and simple. It's also ecological and made in Sweden.

Have a nice lazy Sunday!
xx Amanda

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