Thursday, 4 March 2010


This hours are my last as a 15-year-old. It's weird how the years never hold what you think they will, but I'm actually satisfied with this one. Of course the next will be much more spectacular - because of starting in a new school etc., but also because i feel more and more secure on how to be and what to do. I want to experience this world with that growing secureness behind all I do.

This next year of my life, may not hold everything I wish for. But I can hope! I really want to travel, I want to do reckless stuff -I want to stand on that cliff and scream, you know. This might just be the thoughts of youth, but I'm really to young to think about that!

xo Amanda

Song of the day: Guns N' Roses - "Street Of Dreams"

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  1. Happy birthday a day late! :) I am sure that you had a lovely day!
    I am sure that your 16th year will give you some really nice memories :)
    Hugs Jessica


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