Saturday, 20 March 2010


Alice In Wonderland was as wonderful as I could hope for! I simply was amazed! From now on I will try to walk like the White Queen (like a royal bird, or something). To you who haven't seen it yet - RUN to the cinema!

As mentioned before, we were out drinking tea before our visit to Wonderland. I had to take some pictures from the tea-drinking-place called Café T (Danish playing with the words here), which is fantastic. All furniture and service are bought from flea markets, and they sell (gladly) if you fall in love with a teaspoon, chair or anything else. On the desk there's loads of old fashioned candy as caramels (in 7 different colours and flavours), chocolate, liquorice and right now also purple and gold-wrapped Easter eggs (did not get a photo of the desk - maybe because I dropped my purse..).
A pot of tea costs 25 DKK, and you choose from around 30, I think. When it comes to coffee they are the best in town as well, and a latte (big one, I might add) costs 32 DKK.

So if you in some way come near Køge - visit Café T!
xo Amanda

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