Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I want a red turban. The thought about getting one, have been smouldering inside of me, since I saw a girl with one in Berlin last year. I've decided that it's my turban-time now, but I'm very particular about the choice of colour. It has to be in this dark, dark red shade - wine red. Vine red just look so expensive and sophisticated - and who would want less?
My problem is that a wine red turban isn't anywhere to find online. I must try to find it somewhere else, and it wouldn't surprise me if my local treasure-filled antique shop got one lying around.
Will be continued! xx Amanda


  1. Hi my dear amanda!!
    I know where you can find a red turban my dear!
    Uncle B knows all of the places ;)!
    Hope that your exams are going well and hope to se you in Malmö soon!
    Take care for now and try to enjoy your summer holiday nd you are right about walking in somebody elses footprints, It´s always sticky! find your own path and walk with pride!!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Hi Mr. B!
    I'm done with my exams the 17th (!), so I will definitely come by Malmö soon. I really miss the city actually.
    I look forward to seeing you and finding that turban ;)
    We'll talk,
    Amanda <3


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