Saturday, 11 September 2010


On Anna's request I'm uploading a lot of text I've done. I trust her taste (;
These are poems - lyrics if you want - that comes out of the moment. Sometimes it's a direct description of some experience, sometimes I don't even know what it's about myself. So feel free to interpret yourself - there isn't necessarily any answer.

Grey World
With raindrops hanging from
My lashes
A leave touches
My cheek
And suddenly making it wet
Hair is getting curly in the
Damp air
You touch my cheek
Now your fingertips are
Dripping too

Grey World
With a blanket of clouds
Under the sky
The clouds press us down
Against the ground
And we scream without
Words and oxygen
The rain is lulling us
To sleep
Close your eyes
Down here with me

My breakdown
Hour for hour
Come with me
Make me see
Colours in this
Grey World

This, I wrote in the train this morning. xxoo Amanda.


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