Wednesday, 29 September 2010


These days are Beautiful
Fast going
Fleeting with the wind
And we smile as we Run
Into the crystal arms
Of the winter
Now winter will
Be colourful

Blouse: Zara
Jeans: H&M
Boots: Caterpillar

Saturday, 25 September 2010


En form for kaos
Som jeg ikke har mulighed
For at sætte i system
Kaos som ikke kan stables,
Ej heller arkiveres
Hvad er min rolle?
Jeg vil ikke være
Den manglende brik

Hør, alle synger
Men ingen synger i kor
De skriger

Og du var en fælde og
En smutvej på samme tid
Gemt under jorden
Dybt nede, hvor de
Mange lag muld dæmper
Skrigene og vindens hylen
Det eneste jeg hører
Er dit åndedræt

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Be my guest in
This house
Filled with suspect
Creatures of the night
And shiny figures
Of the day

Look around in
This home
With dust and
Velvet fabric on the walls
Don't be afraid to
Touch touch the texture

Watch your steps
On my floor
Scattered carefully with
Broken glass
I wouldn't let you know
If it was a trap

More from the black book. Let me know if you got any comments. xx A.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Min hud er
Hvid som mælk
I min hånd
Ituslået glas
Jeg knuger det
Uden smerte

Min hud er
Transperent som glas
Og min hånd
Er ikke mere
Vinden rører mig
Ingen kulde

Mit sind er
Del af alt
Som kan være
Og ikke er
Flyvende tanker
Uden mål

Mit sind er
Ikke mere mig
Og mine øjne
Kan ikke se
Hvor jeg var
Findes mørke

Rainy and stormy day.. It makes me kind of sad, but it's so nice and cosy inside with a cup of tea and candles. Then homework is a little more surmountable. xxx Amanda.
(Photo above by Paolo Pellegrin on Dazed Digital)


Givinchy Couture by Riccardo Tisci. From Dazed Digital.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Mental corridor
Light from openings
Pushing me against
The opposite wall

I'm hiding in the
Escaping from the wind
Of faded memories
Gashing my skin

Mental corridor
Will there ever be
A quiet hour
Without visitors to see?

Mental corridor
With a never-ending
Stream of traffic
Just stop pretending
That you got
A clue
Of what happens in
My head
Leave me in madness

Messy - just as my thoughts. xx Amanda


Is like a warm
Breath in my neck
I turn around
Waiting to see
Eyes smiling at me
Instead the only thing
I see
Is a golden leave
At my feet

I love the scent of autumn, and I'm sure that this autumn will be perfect! Love to Sinne for taking the photos! xx Amanda.

Monday, 13 September 2010


Looking out
Seeing nothing
Of this reality
Wich is not mine
To live, to have

Wanting all
Getting pieces
Of this world
Build up by numbers
To count, to keep

Loosing touch
Falling down
In this whirl
Filled with tiny fragments
To loose, to break

Saturday, 11 September 2010


On Anna's request I'm uploading a lot of text I've done. I trust her taste (;
These are poems - lyrics if you want - that comes out of the moment. Sometimes it's a direct description of some experience, sometimes I don't even know what it's about myself. So feel free to interpret yourself - there isn't necessarily any answer.

Grey World
With raindrops hanging from
My lashes
A leave touches
My cheek
And suddenly making it wet
Hair is getting curly in the
Damp air
You touch my cheek
Now your fingertips are
Dripping too

Grey World
With a blanket of clouds
Under the sky
The clouds press us down
Against the ground
And we scream without
Words and oxygen
The rain is lulling us
To sleep
Close your eyes
Down here with me

My breakdown
Hour for hour
Come with me
Make me see
Colours in this
Grey World

This, I wrote in the train this morning. xxoo Amanda.


Kaskader af lys spejles
På øjenlåg
I et mørke hvor stemmer
Mødes, ordstrømme filtres
Og vi brænder efter det næste,
Den første,
Hende, ham, du, jeg
I en hvirvel af
Farver og partikler
Bedøvet af latter og grønne flasker
Tager du min hånd.
Lyserøde dråber på din pande
Reflekterer dine tanker.

Just something I wrote as I got a pen in my hands this morning. I thought of translating it, but in some way I like the honesty from my own language.
Tell me what you think! xx Amanda

Sunday, 5 September 2010


(Mixed photos from Platform photo blogs and the "Be Stupid" campaign)

Really, you have to be a little stupid sometimes. Not in the "I-can't-spell-my-own-name-way", but in the "I-don't-care-way". 'Cause, in the middle of this world of numbers, it's the crazy ones getting the ideas. The most genius and creative people have behaved pretty stupid (look for instance at Einstein and Kurt Cobain), and maybe you really have to be smart to be stupid?

Well, being stupid isn't something I can practise on a daily basis, but I'm good at it, when it gets me! That's why I'm kind of in love with Diesel's "Be Stupid" campaign. And least of all the people on and Karley Sciortino from Because, these people aren't just stupid people - they are gifted people doing stupid and spontaneous stuff.

Stupidity is fun, and people shouldn't be so afraid of doing, what they really want to do. Who cares?! I believe, that in stupidity you can find truth. xx Amanda.

Saturday, 4 September 2010


It's sunny,
But my hands are cold
Nothing can keep them warm
My palms, my nails are blue
Blue my mind

(#1 Some of my beautiful Rützou dress + blue painted nails, #2 and #4Danish electrorock from Duné in blue lights, #3 Rützou dress-fabric, #5 Dark blue sky, happy people.)

This morning I woke up way too early with way too blue legs. The thing about waking up before 7am, I can explain (two little sisters playing in the room next to mine), but I can't remember how I got the bruises. Okay, I get bruises very easily, but these are extreme - mystery.

Tonight I'm going to stay at home with one of the films I have watched like 10 times before - mostly because I'm too poor and too lazy to go hire one. Maybe I will make all my homework for Monday, so that I won't need to do a thing tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just listen to music and stare a little at my globe. Well, these are very important considerations, but I might change my mind about it twenty times more, before I find a solution.