Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Goodbye Amsterdam

It was kind of sad actually. First i realized that I went from home with the wrong camera-laptop-plug, then my laptop passed out because of a low battery (Danish plugs don't fit into Dutch sockets). So none of the promised blogging fro there..
But I will - of course - try to compensate for the missing history! Therefore you'll get a lot of pictures of the beautiful canals (there's more than Venice!), architecture, and lights.

People (those from LonelyPlanet for example) says that there isn't any Christmas-decorations there's worth mentioning in Amstel-land, but i simple MUST disagree! It's maybe not as big (and tacky?) as it is in London, or as romantic as Paris - but it's just cozy. See for yourself!

Song of the day: Kanye West -"Homecoming"

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