Sunday, 22 November 2009

Planning, planning!

I am REALLY going to Amsterdam this Thursday! I'm so excited, and I must say that it have been difficult to wait. I'm like a little child three days before Christmas - I want to get to it, and I want it to last forever!

I have done everything to make the time go faster and funnier. I have planned the whole trip (and with that I mean scheduled), found the best shopping and eating and besides been talking a lot about it! I even had to go watch "New Moon"!

So, now's only the packing left! It's really maybe one of the best parts, and I like writing the packing list. It's all about being smart and sneaky about what to wear - it have to fit the climate and still look fab!

Something fab is for example this necklace that I bought i H&M yesterday. I fell in love when I saw it in a magazine, and have only been confirmed! :D

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