Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Rain and the Lists

I don't like the rain. It's cold, wet and it mess up my hair.. The drops hangs on my window as tears. This negative perspective came up when I checked the weather of Amsterdam. It's all rainy! I just hope they can keep the water in the canals..
But a little splash of water simply can't ruin my expectations for the trip.! Maybe in Amsterdam rain drops don't look like tears, but like diamonds?

I hope rain is okay for museums, shopping and caf├ęs, 'cuz then I think I can handle it.
Here you got my lists:

Museums I'm going to visit:
*Amsterdam Historic Museum
*Anne Franks House
*Van Gogh Museum
*FOAM (photo museum)

Places to do some serious shopping:
*The vintage boutiques in "The Nine Streets"
*Magna Plaza (it should be a lot like Harrod's!)
*Dam Square (maybe just window shopping around here?)

I really hope that i I'll find:
*Some nice midi-high brouges (shoes)
*Classic, black clutch
*Dress with lace details

Cross your fingers for the rain to stop! I'll be really grateful :-)

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  1. You'll be busy doing the trip :o
    Hope you'll have so much fun! Still wish it was me :-(


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