Thursday, 26 November 2009

The World of Coffeeshops

This is a chaos. It simply has to be said. But it's nice walking down the canals, while the sun make the water sparkle, though.. Here's kind of beautiful i a sick way - like a blue tulip.

When we found the hotel (it was like 13.00 or something) I had already seen the five first hash-smokers. When we leaved the hotel after a short time we saw all the prostitutes in the windows. It's kind of funny (or maybe just bizarre) that they sit there in their underwear, reading a magazine, talking on the phone, and then - woops! - she got a costumer.

I've been to the Historic Museum which was - big. It's holding a lot disgusting paintings actually. The kids looks mean, and the men smile in a knowing way, while the women just not is especially presence.

The best of today's experiences must be the impressing bookshops and Café Hoppe on Spui [Square], and the restaurant Brasserie Harkema (Nes 67) where I got the best vegetarian lasagna ever!

Worst? Hm, might be the time when I walked down a street in the Redlight District 2pm and two guys yelled: "Hey lady - looking good! Want some smoke?!". It was maybe only bad because I hold my mothers hand that moment. Awkward.

Song of the day: The Velvet Underground - "I'm Waiting For The Man"

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