Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Lady Barbie Gaga

When I was little I loved Barbie, and I had around 20 of them. My grandmum sew clothes for them, and I even got a dress for my favorite Barbie, made of the same fabric as my moms weddingdress!

I stopped playing with my Barbies when I was around 11 years old. Sad really, but you know how it goes.. I went from Barbies to music and magazines - and know I play with fashion and not dolls.
But now something amazing has happened!! Some chinese Barbie-player (and very possible also big Gaga fan), has transformed regular Barbies to Gaga-Barbies, in some of the Lady's most remarkable outfits. He even got her hairstyles perfectly right!
Now I SO want to play with Barbie again!

Got the photos from:

Song of the day: Aqua - "Barbie Girl"

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