Thursday, 21 January 2010


I love spring! The flowers are coming, my birthday is arriving, and everything is sweet and wonderful. But it is, however, not spring yet.. That is why, I'm so very grateful for the fantastic phenomenon called FASHION! In fashion spring comes early, and that really lighten me up in this cold, grey weather.

I got a couple of favourites, and I'm momentarily totally lost in Burberry Prorsum. There's a lot draping, silk, short dresses, military details, and veeeery high heels. I adore the colours (pastels, beige, white) too.

The campaign - shot by star-photographer Mario Testino - is also nice. Emma Watson, her brother Alex, musicians George Craig (from One Night Only - and also extremely handsome) and Matt Gilmour, plus male model Max Hurd.
I like all about it. It's so British, so considered, and so very, very stylish.
Well done Christopher Bailey!

Find more information on - I promise it won't be boring!
xxoo Amanda

Song of the day: One Night Only - "You And Me"

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