Saturday, 9 January 2010

No Eyes, But Great Knit

I was celebrating my friends Sweet 16 yesterday! It isn't really a big deal to be 16 in Denmark (actually in Denmark you are allowed to buy and drink alcohol when you are 16), but we take every opportunity to celebrate something..
We met at my friends house, ate a lovely dinner and went for a stroll on the town. It is so cold here - last evening -10 degrees C - so I was prepared with the biggest knit scarf and a wool coat (:
On the picture my eyes are almost non-existing because of a very bright blitz, but I think it's OK anyway..

This is Danish winter - be prepared all foreigners!!

Last night i wore some black, shiny harem-pants, a grey tanktop, and a denim jacket with puffy sleeves. I went for a smaller bag, and it ended up with the one in black velvet. I got it from my great grandmum when she died last spring, and I love it so much. She was like the Danish version of Coco Chanel - totally stylish!
I brought it with me to Amsterdam this autumn, and the employees in Mulberry went totally mad over it! Funny that such a little thing can mean so much..

Keep warm everybody!
xoxo Amanda

Song of the day: OK go - "Shooting the Moon"

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