Sunday, 31 January 2010


Kungsgatan in the snow.

I was in Malmö yesterday, and it was all snowy. It was so beautiful, and so white that my eyes hurt. The sun was shining and the canal was frozen - it felt like a huge pillow was covering the streets. Everything was slowed down too, and most noise was gone. Days like those are special. Magical in a way, with the earth glittering with tiny crystals.

I took a photo of a very "dead" bike. It looks like one of those scary skeletons on the prairie in bad cowboy films. Funny to think of, that when the ice is melting, the bike will lay on the bottom of the canal.

Happy powdery days!
xo Amanda

The skeleton on the canal.

Song of the day: Eartha Kitt - "I Want To Be Evil"

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